Setting up your classroom: Class Behaviour Chart

WP_20150413_002 1Class Behaviour chart

It is important that your classroom systems are in alignment with the overall school behaviour policy.

I like to have a visual chart that all pupils can see clearly in the classroom. This helps them to take responsibility for their actions. They are aware of their progress across the chart and as a result, the consequences do not come as a shock.

It is important not to have an overly complicated system. Pupils need to understand how to be successful within the classroom environment and a clear class behaviour chart will help to support that understanding.

How my system works:

Behaviour chartMy system starts with a smiley face. All pupils begin the day on a smiley face so poor behaviour does not rollover to the next day. Each day is a fresh start. A first warning results in pupils moving across to a sad face. A second warning results in them moving to a yellow card. This has a consequence in line with the school’s behaviour policy. Moving to a red card results in a more serious consequence. It is important that pupils know what the consequences for each stage are. I have these displayed clearly above.

My chart is made with Velcro. I like pupils to physically move themselves across the chart as this means they are fully aware of the stage they are at during the day.

This works for me and I have found it to be an effective way of monitoring behaviour. You may find something similar also works for you. I like to reward children who remain on a smiley face all day with house points so that it isn’t only for tracking negative behaviour.

It is important that as well as clear sanctions, you also have clear rewards and although you will want these to fit in with your overall school behaviour policy, you may also want to have additional reward systems within your classroom, e.g. table points or raffle tickets.

Individual behaviour systems:

For those children who need a more personalised system, a lesson-by-lesson weekly chart with an appropriate award can be beneficial. This is helpful for younger children or those who need to be able to see a more short-term view, where they are being successful sooner and not over a long period of time. I find that a system like this is appropriate for a handful of children in my class. They get it signed or commented on each lesson before taking it home each night to get their positive behaviour reinforced at home, or the additional opportunity to talk about any issues with their families.


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